Interactivebrokers keeps losing top P & L line

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by LT701, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. LT701


    anyone else having this problem? It's driving me nuts!

    I've been using 'restore settings' from previous days to get it back, but now it restors the line only to take it away while it restores the charts
  2. DonKee


    try configure, ticker, total row.

    uncheck and check "total row"
  3. dalvord


    Try "Page">"Layout"
  4. LT701


    tried that, didnt work version 878.5
  5. DAV

    DAV ET Sponsor

    We have reproduced this problem and are working to correct it.
  6. chud


    Yes I have this problem. I sent a trouble ticket a few weeks ago.
  7. No, try this.

  8. LT701


    are all of your 4586 posts that stupid and useless?
  9. You're the one who can't even see his PnL.

    Which in your case, might be a good thing.

  10. LT701


    IB just acknowledged it as a bug earlier in this thread, dumbass, cant you read?

    You've contributed nothing here, just like the rest of your 4587 empty headed posts
    #10     Nov 9, 2007