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    Anyone notice that IB 's chart volume for the most recent hour or so (of candles) is always much lower than the older periods of candles?

    Maybe I'm wrong, but it looks that way to me, and true volume info is important
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    anyone else notie this?
  3. yes, they are, and they have been off for quite a while. I have raised this issue with them here on this thread, and even recieved pm's back from one of their 'soothsayer' types here on ET.

    I'll even post his replies here, furhter down. Basically, in my not humble at all opinion, (why be humble when you can base your opinions on facts), they are FOS.

    If you want to have volume reflected accurately, you have to hit the 'refresh' button, constantly, or what I liken it too as 'jiggling the toilet handle'.


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    TWS volume
    Regarding your post on the IB volume thread.
    The chart has two data streams, real time and historical. When you see bad volume data is it real time or when you are looking at past time periods?

    02-14-07 02:49 PM

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    Re: TWS volume
    Thanks, I will have the chart programmer take a look.


    RussellDaytrade wrote on 02-15-07 12:06 AM:
    Hi DAV,

    It is realtime data that is stalling, or worse, not being transmitted. It actually became worse today, not only was the volume not updating, but neither was price data, and when it was, it was intermitten all day. Let me show you an example(s), which has yet to update, and that I have not manually 'refreshed'. I will link them thru a post at the journal on this topic, in a subsequent post, (since linking attachments is not suported in the pm mechanism).

    They are charts of the ES and NQ from today. On the ER, I had to constantly refresh it all through-out the day, to get price action, let alone volume. And, when it was working, it was delayed by perhaps 10-15 seconds, maybe more.

    Let me ask you this, whats the problem?

    Check the journal in a few minutes, and I'll post a couple of charts. it is now 7:09pm ET, well after the market has closed, and here are what ES and NQ look like. Looks like they stopped at about 12:30 ET.

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    Re: TWS volume
    There was a system wide server problem yesterday that caused problems with Real time chart data. It is fixed today. Please let me know if you are still experiencing the problem today.

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    Re: TWS volume
    We've identified the real problem, I'll let you know when we have an ETA for the fix. Thanks.

    this last pm wsa sent about two months ago, hey, they have identifies they have a real problem, and 'they will get back to me' when they they have an ETA for the fix. Only tow months later, apparently they cannot correct a fix for ACCURATELY TRANSMITTING THE FUCKING VOLUME. dickheads.

    Can't = won't

    why don't you see if you can take the matter up with them.

    interestingly, while going thru the category to find the thread where I posted this issue, (along with others) it is absolutely astounding the sheer number of negative threads specific to IB, and, that almost all the threads in that category are specific to complaints about IB.
  4. I confidently predict that anyone who reads your post will:
    .x. recognize that you are untrustworthy because you publish private messages.
    .x. not send you pm's any more.

    IMO :p
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  6. Right on, kiwi. If a trader wants to make the most of what IB has to offer, he needs to show some basic respect and gratitude to IB employees, especially when they go out of their way to help you with a problem. Posting their private messages, without permission, I think is extremely destructive to a trader's relationship with IB, and to the individual employees affected. People need to feel they can communicate with you privately, in order to work with you to solve problems. If you present yourself as an adversary and as a threatening source of public attack and humiliation directed against individual employees, then the employees will naturally need to focus on protecting themselves from you, rather than on helping you. You need to show them that you are on the same side, working with them to improve services. Remember also that you are dealing with an organization, and that it is not fair to place an individual IB employee in the public spotlight as a scapegoat for a problem which is not completely within his or her control, and can only be addressed by making changes at the organizational level, rather than by the sole individual employee.


    I sympathize with your complaint that bug fixes do not receive adequate priority at IB. They shouldn't be introducing new features when they have so many old bugs that remain unresolved for so long. Bug fixes should come first. If a trader wants to improve the situation, posting PMs from IB employees is not the solution. The solution is to vote for suggestion # 2185 in the IB New Features Poll. This suggestion will make bug fixes a priority over adding new features. Have you voted for it, RussellDayTrade?
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    I've got build 866.5, i check for updated versions every day - i attempted to updatte tonight, but it says i have the current version

    and i had the problem today on globex es & ym

    a bad day to ave that problem, there were serious volume reversal signals today, that the charts did not reflect within the hour they occurred
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    I believe TWS 866 does not have the feature: I think it was added in 867 or 868.

    The latest standalone version available is 870, you can download it from here: Alternatively you can try this in the browser version.
  9. I have, per instructions/suggestions from IB shown, waited rather patiently, and or impatiently, as the case may be...obviously today the impatience is taking front and center, as this others similar experiences only serves to exemplfy that, they ain;t doing jack squat, contrary to everything they have said.

    In my book, that constitutes bs, otherwise known in more polite circles as lies and half-truths, though the latter is likely stretching it.

    As far as pm's being posted, it is done to demonstrate what a crock of bs and lip service it all is.

    Anyway, I updated all versions, as the other gentleman above, I have updated the java versions, etc. Basically, it don't work cuz they ain't transmitting it accurately, bottom line. They have known about it for months, and still nothing.

    While I respect your opinion (imagine that italicized), I don't give a rip for anyone that tells me they're going to do something, and then clearly does not. That deserves to be made open for all to see.

    And what, I should go vote for them to fix a simple data problem, that they have known about for months.

    Yes, you have to wonder, questioning my trustworthiness over that of someoneswho be their own admission have done nothing, nada, to fix a problem that is clearly impacting, and has impacted their clients for quite a while, and even have gone so far as to keep inferring they have fixed it, when in fact they have not.

    That's a hoot. Just made my night. There will always be opportunites in the market, created mostly be those that believe in the lies of others, even in the face of evidence to the exact contrary. Thanks for making that truth readily apparent once again.
  10. Hey Mate,

    you couldn't confidently predict rain if you were standing soaking wet in a thunderstorm.

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