Interactivebroker TWS API not working

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by benluong, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. benluong


    When I download the latest Interactive Brokers(IB) API (their
    twsosocketclient.dll) my program stop working.
    I cannot even get the econnect without the program aborting.
    I use the old version of twsosocketclient.dll, which
    can get me to request market data, but then abort also.

    Does anyone else have similar problem when they upgrade
    their TWS API. How do I solve the problem. I try to
    contact IB but they are not responding.

    Thank you.
  2. whenwood


    That must be a common problem I noticed it to. Had to uninstall API AND TWS, reinstall TWS and then reinstall previous API. The API downgrade does not work if you use it you will still get the same error message.
  3. Can you please hire a programmer if you cannot code, instead of bothering IB

    Your runtime (Visual Studio CRT) is incompatible to the one the dll was linked to. Therefore it crashes.

    Remove any .lib and .dll from your project
    and include the source code IB supplies with the API instead.

    This will resolve any runtime version hassles.
  4. whenwood


    Crusher you dumb fool how do you know his IDE is out of date when you are not at his computer? Everyone ALWAYS has problems with the newest release of the TWS API regardless of IDE.

    BTW you brilliant solutions makes no since and is impossible.

    Here is an idea, why don't you learn to talk before posting.
  5. benluong


    IB technical person suggest me some links
    to download the microsoft visual studio 2005
    support files. After I did that, I uninstall both TWS
    and API and reinstall them back. I compile
    the client2 in testsocketclient directory.
    The program that comes with the API download still abort!
  6. whenwood


    Go back to previous version. These little issues with latest release of API are usually resolved later on. Save yourself a lot of time and frustration.
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