InteractiveBroker (IBKR) IPO RAISED RANGE

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by mde2004, Apr 30, 2007.

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  2. Will this IPO really fly? I doubt it.

    Maybe for the first hour of trading but good luck getting in. I remember BIDU ipo..that was huge and so was the hype.
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    Getting into it will be the easy part. Did you see the underwriters....Etrade, WR, IB customers, etc. There are also 34.5m shares to go around.
  4. I mean, the increased range and more shares means there was a lot of demand for the shares, but now I'm a bit worried about the valuation, could the IPO be overvalued now?
  5. If valuation is your main concern don't buy at the IPO. Buying at IPO is essentially gambling.
  6. I think I'm still going to buy it, I can probably flip it for a quick profit still.
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    I would not buy this IPO now for a "flip" after the huge increase in shares being floated and price. Long term buy and hold is how you make money on these IPO's and my bid just got reconfirmed for 200 shares at 29.
  8. the nymex increased the initial price and the # of shares issued, they gapped up a little over 100%.

    It's very possible IBKR gaps up 10 - 20% at least.
  9. Just entered a bid for 1k shares through my IB account management. We'll see if this dog can fly :p
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    Anyone hoping for a quick flip will be sorely disappointed. First of all, this is an auction IPO, not the usual wall street only allocation. Supply/demand will be much better balanced.

    Alot of the ipo shares will be issued to retail investors just like yourselves who will all be selling on the opening print. It will probably open around $.10 to $.50 cents higher than the ipo price assuming IB doesn't get aggressive and price the thing at the highest point possible.

    If you look at the history of the OpenIPO system, you'll see that not a single ipo in which WrHambrecht was the lead underwriter has ever had a significant opening premium.
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