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    Trading exclusively from the chart, are there any TA products that can do this?

    1) I want to be able to place my cross-hair cursor on my chart at the desired price level for my order, click and have the order go out via my AT code. I don't want to have to punch in any numbers or hassle with my TWS (in fact I prefer not to see it); I want speed.

    2) Next i want to have my TA package retrieve the fill-price from my TWS (when it becomes available) and plot this price on my chart for later reference. This so that I can add interpretive information based on actual fill prices.

    To me this would appear the ultimate trading setup, anyone know which TA software can do this?

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    [Techguy] Consider a Computer To Computer Interface (CTCI).

    Thanks Techguy, regretfully i am not technical enough to use CTCI... Looking for something easier to use.


    Thanks Quiet1, this looks interesting. I am working through the demo right now.

    fwiw... I am using AmiBroker with the Interactive Controller (an API interface) in the 3-minute timeframe and things work pretty good except for the lack of chart-interactive trading. I can read fill-prices from the TWS and plat them using afl code - bit messy and slow but it can do.

    Thanks for your replies!
  5. NeoTicker can do that from its charts, using a pair of buy/sell hotkeys (F2/F3).

    That was added since 3.x when our users requested for the ability.
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    Like he said CQG is good...

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    Thanks Stephen:

    I was addressing speed not API's.

    Original quote: "I want speed". I should have quoted him, then it would have been clear.
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    As I mentioned earlier I am an AmiBroker user, well AmiBroker has just added getCursorXPosition() and getCursorYPosition() functions in its latest 4.71 beta release.

    This allows me to create Click-Sensitive Areas on my charts for instant changing of setups and to place orders by simply clicking at the appropriate price level on my chart. No longer do I have to navigate between different types of entry windows... this is just what i was looking for.

    I have no stake in Amibroker; i am just a happy user :)
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