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    I want to open a daytrading account. I prefer two broker: Interactive Brokers or Lightspeed. Can someone give me some feedback to that brokers?

    to me:

    I am from germany
    I trade mostly futures(FDAX,ES_F) and us stocks, sometimes forex EUR/US.

    My timeframe is very small to small, only daytrading. I prefer scalping or daytrades to a maximum of 5-8 hours. My skill is amateur actually.

    I do my research with TOS and other screenr.

    I want to trade with a 50k $ account, I prefer margin trades.

    Actually I trade with cortal consors. My target is to reduce commision costs and my profit by better executions.

    Can someone give me some support to choose the rigth one?

    Thanks for every help,

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    Not many replies... is everyone afraid of Lightspeed atm because of their link with Penson ?

    Otherwise I would also apreciate to read updated thoughts on how Lightspeed compares to IB
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    at the moment I got an account at Lightspeed and Interactive. I got really trouble in december with lightspeed. My equity changed every day, but I did not do anything. After 3 weeks they repair everything. I was not amused about such happening of a broker. Now everything works great, fills are great, support is fast and there are lots of positive parts.

    I am using Interactive for swing positions and LS for Scalping.
  4. It is far better for you to choose interactive, Lightspeed is not really for you.

    The entire lightspeed platform is descended from the old L2 reading days, it was made for those during the tech boom times, who super-soesed stuff, needed access to hot keys and quick execution to specific venues, it was made for people like us who grew up scalping in seconds. My average hold time is prob 30s to 2 mins.

    But other than that, there really isnt much benefit to you. Interactive has far greater access to global markets, probably a better shortlist as well.
  5. sringel


    Hi Grandluxe,

    I read some stories and I see at my freinds that IB do not have such good fills as LS. When I was filled my friends at IB get no fills sometimes, when the market is fast, especially at the beginning and news. When I was switching charts with LS, it is real time, but IB got an impact of lag.
    I am really new at IB. Who long do you need to learn all functions at this plattform? Do you have any tip for me?


  6. Interactive Brokers by a mile.