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  1. I see there are a few commercially Java coded downloader for IB's historical data download. Such as

    Has anyone coded the downloading function (in java)? Can you please share some sourcecodes with me to help me get started? I can share some ebooks in exchange.

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    So in exchange for helping you out, you'll help me break copyright laws and steal from authors and publishers? Sounds like a compelling offer.
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    Alternatively, qcollector will take all daily and intraday history from esignal classic for $50 and keep the csv files upto date if you do not cancel.
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  7. Although this provides you a starting point for your code, it might not work "out of the box". That code is four years old and in the mean time has IB's API changed.
  8. I tried the IB api documentation, but honestly I need something more hand-holding to get started
  9. An advice which is often given is to download the sample software from IB and use that as starting point.

    Edit: also this site has several examples:
  10. they have webinars. There is one on Java (look under API). I haven't watched that one so I don't know. The python one may be worth a look if you want to learn that instead.

    I'm being nice as it is Thanksgiving and did the search for you and giving links below but if you utilize the internet and its search capabilities, you just may find some useful info out there:

    Introduction to the TWS Java API
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