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  1. Does anyone know how to plot the difference between 2 instruments on IB chart? Or display it as a number at least?

  2. The closest to got is to add a future to charts and then choose compare to index option. Is there any better way?

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    Amibroker does it, sierrachart was very difficult to set up, quotetracker does not do it, ninjatrader can do it if you have programming skills.
  4. use generic combo feature, create your pair and then chart it
  5. I use ninja as front end, but this can not be done on indicator. 6.5 only allows to use pairs on strategy. Ninja 7 has this feature, it is been recently rolled out in beta, so i can not use it yet.

    I would want to ninja or ib software in possible.
  6. Hi Maestro,

    I looked at IB knowledge base, and it looks like combo is only available for orders and not charting. Can you please elaborate, how it can be used for charting.

  7. When you create a new combo in your TWS using the combo design tool you then can right clcik on it and choose "Chart" it will plot the chart for any combo, pair,option construct etc you want. I use this tool every day. You need to enable that feature though in the "Feature Selector".
  8. Thanks a lot. I will try it tonight.
  9. Hi Maestro,

    I tried to create a combo on K200 and this option was not there. It is present on ES for example. Does it mean that K200 is not supported for combos? or do I need to turn some feature on?

  10. You need to find whether the combos are supported for this instrument. They might not be.
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