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  1. Does anyone here work at IB?
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    def does
  3. reason I ask is I was wondering if they have any positions available. (websites never give a good deptiction of what's available ... i wanted to ask an insider)
  4. Maybe you can take def's place... :D
  5. he actually has decent posts ... i've learned quite a few things from that man (or woman?)
  6. I hope that Def is paid for the amount of time he spent on this board answering questions concerning IB
    Def, if you're not paid for this, we all appreciate your time on this board.

    Cheers !!! :p
  7. so I guess Def is the only one working at IB?

    Anyone might have friends who work/worked there? what have their experiences been like?
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    I work for the IB Group. I run the Asian operations. My main job is trading and overseeing our market making operations in Asia. I do not get paid to post here nor do I want to. If I did, I would have to think twice before posting as everything I said would be in an official capacity. As a member of the Group, I do well if the company does well.

    Jobs: In Asia we are not hiring. In the states and europe there could possibly be jobs in programming and customer service.

    Currently there is on job listing on our web site for a programmer analyst

    If you are looking for something else, you can send me a CV and I'll forward to the appropriate people.
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    You got a sex change operation?

    nitro :eek:
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    now before this digresses, let's keep this on topic.
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