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    Hi everyone! I would like to try automated trading, is that Interactive brokers is the best choice out there? What trading software is the most popular with IB's API?
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    :confused: do you know what an api is? you write the software
  3. I would recommend Sierra Chart, Ninja Trader is another. Cheers.
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    Yes, I know one of the ways is writing my own program and can be excel base. I prefer using a trading software to save sometimes.
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    I have tried Metastock but seem like it is hard to work with IB and it doesn't work well with muti time frame analysis.
  6. Metastock is great for charting (i used it before switching to Sierra) but they have really dropped the ball in recent years by not adding any significant new features and completely ignoring autotrading.
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    Do you use Sierra with Interactive Broker to do real trade? I have been doing trading manually for years but it is a very high pressure daily job and emotional and subjective point of view at that point definitely affect result a lot. I would like to do a lot of back testing and find out a good "system" before any real trade. I see that Ninja Trader is free with daily historical data except I want to hook it up with any broker to do live trade. Is Ninja Trader is a good one to start with to do backtest? Thanks.
  8. Yes, I have used Sierra for three years to do all charting, trading (including auto) and backtesting. It is a a solid choice and very reasonably priced. I have never used Ninja Trader for anything other than an evaluation.
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    Thanks for sharing. Can i hook up mticharts with ib demo? Do u still use autotrade or you prefer manual trades after years?

  10. They each have their pluses and minuses. I use an automated strategy in a low volatility environment or when I'm not able to be at the screen. I still stick with manual trading during high volatility periods or if the strategy needs constant tweaking. It is extremely difficult to program an automated strategy to meet all of these needs and compete with all of the algorithms currently operating.

    Don't fool yourself into thinking automated is any less challenging or less stress than manual. In many cases it is much more due to the enormous amount of testing and work involved outside of market hours to just create something halfway decent.
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