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  1. I normally do not trade stocks.

    Today twice I hit the ask and miraculously both times I didn't get filled and the price immediately jumped.

    Someone at IB care to explain this?
  2. It's as if the person/bot posting decides whether or not he wants to fill it - and if he doesn't like it then the ask magically dissappears.

    Again I don't trade stocks - but this is total fucking nonsense.
  3. Non compatible order type?
  4. One hits a <i>bid</i>, takes an <i>ask</i>... are you new to trading?
  5. Who's your quote provider?
  6. Bob111


    same shit every single day. been saying this for years. tell you more-look at the execution place. i bet -it was "smart"(mean IB sold you from their inventory) and not an actual exchange. isn't ?
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    Where is this mentioned? :(
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    Isnt that actually like the uptick / downtick rule? That's quite normal, no? :confused:
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    Yeah, looks like IB is hard to beat. That's what i gathered so far from the majority. You'll still get negative reviews since you cant please everyone all the time.
  10. You're a complete idiot. Evidently you don't know how to read. First, this has nothing at all to do with Timberhill.

    Second, this is a description of how each of the "trigger" methods for stop orders works. It is not a definition of last price. It tells you what the conditions must be for a stop to trigger by the various methods that you could elect for your stops.


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