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  1. I have been trying to get a list of all their fees but I can't seem to find out how to contact these people, either by email or phone. Can anyone help me with that?
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    If you are a current client, online chat from Account Management is the best. Phone also works.

    All the fees are on the Web-site, which is very comprehensive. Just sometimes the way fees are explained may be difficult to make sense of. Say, equity commission will consist of the actual commission, clearing fee and rebate for offering or taking liquidity. These in turn will depend on the exchange, trade size and whether "smart routing" was used.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I gathered that when I explored the site but couldn't find anyway to connect with them. I was trying to find out if there were any maintainance fees or software fees. I didn't see any mentioned on the site.
    Do you know if there are any?
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    If a customer doesn't pay $10 in a month in commission (monthly activity minimum) in a particular account, the account is charged the difference. A subscription fee of $10 per month for US non-professional real-time market data bundle is waved if the account generates $30 or more in commission in a particular month.

    As IB doesn't offer 3rd party software like X-Trader, there are no software fees.
  5. u couldnt have tried very hard.
  6. thats LeeD. I appreciate the information
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    I just received a message from a distinguished forum member who suggested a clarification was due.

    To ensure the fastest and most accurate response for routine questions and support it's always the best to contact IB customer service using details from IB Web-site:

    I particularly recommend "online chat" (available only during US business hours) as a very efficient way for receiving a prompt answer.

    IB representatives on this forum are best contacted with difficult and controvercial issues. They are not official support per say; so, they may not be fast with their response or may choose not to reply to certain questions at all.