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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by mats, Feb 16, 2007.

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    4 days ago Interactivebrokers put a wrong symbol in my account. I made several requests to adjust it. I send in several tickets to ask to change the symbol. until now nothing has happened!

    The problem now is that I am not able to close my long position as the the TWS does not recognize the symbol. Fortunately its a slow moving stock, but I could have been in big trouble if it was a fast moving stock.

    Is there anybody who can give me a advice how I can solve this problem asap. Thanks.
  2. 1 (877) 442-2757

    Get them to close your trade for you and then make your case that they shouldn't charge you the usual $30.
  3. mats


    I already tried to close my long position by calling them. But they can not trade the symbol before the back office has adjusted it. Anyway thanks for your reply. (it's very strange that it takes 4 days until now to make such easy adjustment). I have experience with other brokers where such symbol problem only takes less than a few hours to change!!!!
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    Something stinks here. I don't know if it's Mats or IB, but something definitely is fishy about this story. Hope we see followup on this one.
  5. mats


    I really do not like your remarks. I am trading professionally since many years and I never had a problem which like this which took 4 days to solve. I have no intention to make bad remarks about IB. I only ask if somebody has a suggestion how I can solve the problem.

    As I said I send in several trouble tickets, I contacted them by phone but nothing has happened yet.

    I will inform you about further developments.
  6. Can you clarify what you mean by the wrong symbol? Do you mean they put a position in your account for a different security than you traded (for example you bought MSFT they show you holding PSFT)? Or do they show you holding a position in ZZZZ which is not a real symbol (and therefore you can't close the position)? Without more details your post comes across to many of us as just another attempt to slam IB over something ridiculous.
  7. I'm curious if its not a real symbol how can it trade or have a price. If it doesn't then maybe you don't have to worry about it. :confused:
  8. mats


    they did not put in a symbol for a different security. So that's not the problem. They put in in the the symbol and (let's say for example ABC) and added " .OLD '"

    so it must be ABC but they put in ABC.OLD

    (abc is just example, its a illiquid stock that's why I give this example)

    thanks for your reply

  9. did you by chance transfer this stock in? has it had a name change? is the stock dormant? or has it actually traded recently? where does it trade? on the pinksheets?
  10. PM def or sal and give the ALL the details so that they can investigate. It doesn't sound like anyone else here has seen a similar problem.
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