Interactive Brokers vs. Vonage

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  1. Who wants to bet that Vonage will outperform Interactive Brokers in the next 3 months?

    I hate to say that IB is the next Vonage, because Vonage will probably do a better job then IB in the days to come. Look, Vonage is already up 10% today while IB is down yet another 2%.

    It didnt have to be this way for IB, but they brought it upon themselves. Here are the list of mistakes:

    - Upping the price and upping the float at the last minute, priced too high and float too large

    - Auctioning off shares to the general public through brokers such as

    - Going public at the start of May, a time of known weakness

    - Using a little known underwriter for the IPO versus a big named brokerage like Goldman Sachs

    In addition to this obviously problematic IPO, I want to point out the multiple issues with IB's platform namely:

    - Security
    - System crashes
    - Customer service
    - Hidden charges
    - too many to list
    - Charts no good

    Its difficult for me to picture IB as a growth name when other online brokerages like TradeStation seem to be living hand to mouth. Tradestation, by the way, is a much better platform with no system crashes.

    So the race is on, Vonage or IB. Which will outperform?
  2. You sound like a beginner trader that wasn't happy with IB as a broker and now look for a pathetic reason to trash their company. Weren't you the guy that posted those childish threads on how you will cancel your IB account and goto Etrade?

    Good luck. You will need it.
  3. You're in the running for the Darwin Award. IB has a ROC of >30%. To draw comparisons is completely absurd.
  4. I posted that I was moving over to TDAmeritrade not ETrade.

    Im not certain why people believe they need Interactive Brokers to trade. The truth of the matter is the brokerage doesnt matter, its the person making the trade that really matters.

    If a person cant turn a buck with then they wont be able to turn a buck with IB.

    As for IB, Im unsatisfied with the multiple issues that I have had in the past and further unsatisfied with this IPO that is obviously flawed and unfair to shareholders. IB seems fancy with the "direct access" to the market, but that does nothing to solve my many issues with them.

    I dont have any issues with TDAmeritrade.
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    "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."
    Mark Twain
  6. You are unsatisfied and hold a personal grudge against the company now. That's why you post one Anti-IB thread after another. You're a smart cookie.
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    Sure, you do know.
    Sure you will have issues with Ameritrade, and you definetely have interest in IB. Here is good suggestion for you: start MB on Yahoo, so you will get attention of the whole world.
    Also, here is nice quote for you:
    "When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world."
    George Washington Carver
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    i have accounts at both IB and ameritrade, for different reasons. neither is perfect.

    but i'll say this; IB is so much better for traders than ameritrade, it's not even close.

    check up the problems with streaming data for - oh, a month? - and advanced analyzer for - well, big problems for a month, lesser problems for many months - just for starters.

    btw, i'd bet that vonage would outperform MANY companies over the next few months, not just IB. i'm not investing in it, but it either goes BK or bounces hard.
  9. Never seen somebody see his thread blow up in his face so quickly. Enjoy, Michael!
  10. Hehe. Ive been working and trading all day long not maintaining threads. Your so quick to call someone a bad trader, someone you DONT KNOW by the way, but you refuse to throw up account statements or 1040s. The proof is in the 1040.

    All I see from you is a bunch of messages on elitetrader, thats the extent of your skills. Posting messages is all you got. When it comes to green, that is truely lacking. Post up the statements, lets see your P&L then we'll talk.

    If I disappear from here for a while, Im either working or playing. If you find yourself only on elitetrader, then your doing neither.


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