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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by m_c_a98, Jun 5, 2001.

  1. m_c_a98


    I want to change the default on IB TWS from clicking on the bid and having the order line default to SELL: to clicking on the bid and having it default to BUY. And Vice-versa when clicking on the offer.
    Is it possible to change this default?
  2. NKNY


    That would be great if it could be done.

    When you put the mouse over the buy box,the drop down menu drops over other stocks below the one you want to trade and when you move the mouse to the "sell" in order to change it to sell from buy, the other stock below bocomes A live sell order.

    I have got into three trades I never intended to with this bug.

  3. jsmith


    I had this problem too when i try to change an order from sell to short. It will click on another row causing another order to appear. I couldn't figure out why orders kept appearing for a while.

    The workaround I use is to click on what i want to change, use the arrow keys to move up and down and hit enter.
  4. tradeRX


    Does anyone else find this to be a problem...

    After a trade is executed, the line that shows the status of the trade LINGERS TOO LONG after the trade has been accepted. The line just sets there for what seems to be an eternity, then finally the annoying thing fades away. Now here's the real problem...when you set up another trade BEFORE this line disappears, you can no longer scroll the price of your new trade with the hot keys because the scrolling function is somehow disabled after this line disappears. You have to cancel your new tentative trade and place another to get the hot keys to work again.

    It's annoying as heck!!!!

    Is this clear?

    Does anyone else have a solution?

    Def can we get this fixed??? Have them look at the hot keys function and possible get them to work more efficiently.

    Also it would be nice to be able to scroll each price on several simultaneous trade setups. As it stands now, setup two or more tentative trades and the scroll feature is functionless.

    These hot keys need to work better, more efficiently.


  5. tradeRX



    YES! YES! YES! That is another problem that needs addressed in a big way. I HATE THAT! It's clumsy and pain in the butt!

  6. def

    def Sponsor

    you came across a bug that should have been resolved the other day. It had to do whether you dragged or clicked on the mouse when you changed a buy to a sell. It should be resolved by now.

    Regarding the calls to click on the bid for buy - I doubt it will happen. The idea behind the IB workstation is speed. If you are lifting an offer or hitting a bid speed is essential. Giving the choice of one or the other may lead to confusion and erroneous traders.

    As for the other suggestions, like the time delay an order stays on the screen. I agree it would be nice to make the time a variable. If you want more functionality on the hot keys, please request it via mails to ibmgt on the web site.

    As always, I'll try to pass your comments along. NKNY, if you have had the problem with the order line again, please send me a mail so I talk to the programmer who worked on the fix.
  7. NKNY


    Thanks Def,

    I'll let you know if it happens again....

  8. tradeRX


    HEY, DEF... anyone there???

    I have problems with the hotkeys...

    do you?

    I'm asking a Question here!!


  9. def

    def Sponsor

    I do my best to read these boards and help out. I missed your comment in regards to the hot keys and will pass it along. No need to be sarcastic if I missed your response.

    Again, mails to ibmgmt on the web site are looked at on a senior level. I don't mind passing things along but please try to use that avenue to ask for suggestions/modifications to the system.
  10. NKNY



    I realized something......

    When I click on the order box to change the order the problem happens only when I keep the mouse button pressed while I scroll to the desired order Buy... sell.

    If I simply click the mouse over the box and get the menu to drop, then let go of the mouse, and then click on the desired order, BUY SELL ect... it doesn't happen.

    I did not know that the the buy sell drop down menu would stay on the screen if you let go of the mouse...I assumed it didn't because the drop down box for the amount of shares does not . You must keep the mouse button pressed and scroll to the desired shares.

    I hope you understand what I'm trying to explain....

    #10     Jun 6, 2001