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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by jones247, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. Is there an automated way to simultaeously exit a basket of open stock positions once the P&L gets to a designated threshold, with a OCA bracket?

    In other words, if I currently have 10 stocks open, 100 shares each, I would like to set the TWS page to automatically close all open positions at the same time once my Unrealized P&L is up $200 or down $200, with a OCA bracket. Is this feasible?


  2. You could do it in Excel and trigger it with a macro.
  3. I'm not good with writing macros and using API... Is there a way to contact someone who could code this for a reasonable price?


  4. Is anyone willing to complete an API coding for a reasonable fee?


  5. I've sent you an email
  6. Walt, you are looking for a nightmare to happen. IB past and present continues to have issues with their tws versions. Many, many times I have been thousand of dollars in the money when in reality I was neg. You wil end up being exited with a loss and will eventually be fed positions as a result of the basket orders that you think are canceled but in reality are phantoms.

    I have several friends who trade and all of us have had this happen many times with IB almost never answering the ticket and never has ever been wrong. My one friend in Kitchener, one in Hamilton and one in Orillia plus myself were all trading at many times even the current bid ask was different.

    What even makes it worse is just read the forums and you will notice that each staff member you speak to has a different swing to the reason why.

    for what it is worth, maggie
  7. Maggie,

    Thanks for the "heads-up"; however, you must be joking... Such actions would cause stiff penalties/fines from the SEC and/or NASD against IB...



  8. Walt, I wish I was kidding however my statement is accurate and correct.
    Talking about stiff penalties/fines from the SEC and or NASD have you ever tried to even lodge a complaint? The NASD has to review your complaint to see if they believe it has enough merit to move forward to the SEC level. There are many situations whereby the NYSE has had complaints lodged against specalists. The NYSE was to move into compliance for years and received a small fine as they made more not being in compliance. One item was NYSE and becoming electronic. Wasn't Madoff's being investigated by the SEC and then the investigating officer married his daughter or something like that?
    Do you realize to even think of entertaining litigation against IB or whomever the retainer alone ranges from 100-250 thousand dollars. Most don't have a chance in hell. My one friend sued a Broker and the OSC. It took him several years and over one million dollars. He won eventually and got back his funds but how many can afford or have the luxury to do so?

    I can in a blink provide you with easily 20 traders and their email address in Canada all of whom have been bled by the likes of IB and others.
    wish I was kidding, maggie