Interactive Brokers TWS is freezing up. no trading possible.

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by dhpar, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. dhpar


    does anybody have the same experience?

    891/892 standalone TWS is freezing up intermittently on 1.6.0_12 java.

    how can i get an older version of TWS?
  2. My bed time but if you don't have one by tomorrow I can upload an 890.6 install that works fine with xp and _12
  3. dhpar


    thank you kiwi.

    i will let you know if i do not sort this out by tomorrow.
  4. Bob111


    which one do you need?i have all of them
  5. dhpar


    i rolled my whole PC back few days and everything is OK now.
    the latest standalone version (from this friday) is simply crap and freezes all the time.
    interestingly web TWS works all right. i thought this is always the latest version but clearly it is not.

    thanks to both of you for your help!
  6. Laurent68



    It will be nice if you send me the 890 one

    many thanks

  7. A message to anyone from IB:

    I think most of your loyal clients would agree that we'd prefer you roll out far fewer new versions but spend much more time testing each one before their release. Improvements and refinements are a good thing, but obviously there's something wrong with your approach when there are this many problems and complaints every time you come out with a new release, which is way too often in the first place.

    Why not save up the ideas and do a once a year update? You could make it the same date every year - that way everyone would know when it's coming and could prepare accordingly.

  8. Bob111


    check your PM Laurent