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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by CyrusMg, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. CyrusMg


    Hello all,

    Wondering if anyone knows of an ongoing data base of custom indicators that can be used on the IB platform.

    I'm an FX trader and use MT4, they hv solid indicators. Realised FX and large caps move similarly and am shifting to trade large caps w a longer time frame.

    Would appreciate some input on finding out:

    1. If there're any sites that have IB custom indicators already ready for download

    2. If there is anyone programming IB custom indicators --> how difficult is it?

    Appreciate it people

  2. ronblack


    I didn't know you can develop your own custom indicators in IB platform. Do you need the API for that?

  3. CyrusMg


    hi there,

    yes, you can. I'm not too sure about API. From what i read on the site, it's a Java based platform.

    Doesn't look too hard to program, but nonetheless, wondering if there're ready made indicators out there already