Interactive Brokers TWS Bug Thread

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Kensho, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Kensho


    Just post the irrefutable truth (screenshot evidence) on this thread. Don't bother calling IB, we all know from experience how that goes. Bottom line, is that these bugs are easy and simple to fix if IB wanted to. And the bugs are the result of some really amateur programing and poor software testing.
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  2. Kensho


    I'll go first. In the attached screenshot, notice how the color of the volume bars don't match the color of the price bar. I'm using the latest TWS, not the beta version, but all TWS versions feel like beta versions with these kinds of amateur mistakes.
  3. moarla


    why they should match?
    maby the color of the volume bars are calculated on a different cose?
  4. just21


    Optiontrader does not come back maximised after logging off and saving settings. 918.7. Have to move all the columns to see all the info.
  5. Some of the charts are in different locations after save settings, logging off, and then log back on.

    Charts ( price bars ) can lag quotes at times
  6. So many complaints, yet you guys still stay with them. Why stay then? The pros must outweigh the cons.
  7. Create new or rename existing Tab and all other tabs order gets messed up
  8. Kensho


    The problem has gone away just like that. The chart looks normal again. Screenshot attached.
  9. Kensho


    For DAV, my chart settings from this morning:
  10. Kensho


    For DAV, my system/software details:
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