Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation Log-on Problem

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by sneakoner, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. I tried calling IB and Verizon about this but nobody could help me.

    I'm able to log onto Webstation but I can't log onto TraderWorkstation. After speaking with technical support at Interactive Brokers, the guy told me it was a firewall issue. Somehow I'm restricted from accessing my TCP IC Ports 4000 & 4001.

    I tried to disable my Windows Firewall and my AVG Anti-Virus but it still didn't work. I called Verizon but they were no help.

    Did anybody else have this problem?

    Please help.
  2. Have you been able to log into TWS anytime before?

    If yes, then try a system restore to a time period when you were able to log in.
  3. Yes a couple of weeks ago I was able to.

    Thank you for that, I will try it tonight.

    If that does work, does that mean that it was some sort of update from Windows that caused the problem? There were a few automatic updates between the time I was able to log-on vs now.

    Does that mean future updates will prevent me from logging onto TWS?
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    I have never had an OS update that broke TWS. You might try removing and reinstalling TWS.
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    Are you behind a proxy or a network that might be firewalled ..... like at work?
  6. No this is actually my home computer.

    I'm able to log onto TWS at work (the java version, haven't tried to do the standalone one).

    But both JAVA and standalone can't get through some sort of firewall at home. Webtrader works though.
  7. UPDATE: I did a system restore and it worked!

    Looks like I can log onto Traderworkstation but does this mean I can't get Windows updates anymore? I'm pretty sure it was one of their updates that caused the problem. (I haven't installed any other software between the time TWS was working and when TWS stopped working).
  8. Windows updates should not affect TWS. Check your registry for errors. Won't be the first time an update screwed up a PC.
  9. I would just try the updates again and see what happens. I don't think you will have the problem again, but if you do, install the updates 1 at a time and test out TWS between each one to find out which one is the problem. Then just do a system restore to undo the update that caused the problem and remove it from your update list.
  10. How do I do that? Sorry I am slightly computer illiterate.

    I think the update affected the port. The technical support guy at IB said I was being prevented from accessing the TCP IP port 4000 or something to that effect.
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