Interactive Brokers, Telstra, and Gateway connection

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    I connect to TWS and Gateway via a Telstra NBN connection. TWS and Gateway are on the same PC. TWS, the live account, is connected to the server, and Gateway, the paper account, connects to a Hong Kong server.

    Each night (Sydney time), about 8am US Central Time, the Hong Kong server is reset. This is not normally a problem, Gateway would just try to log back in, and would eventually do so.

    What is happening is that Gateway is not able to log back in to the HK server, and closes down. Not good. Not good at all. TWS remains connected to the server through all of this.

    IB Support tell me that other Australian users have experienced the same problem, and they can't do anything about it.

    Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? If so, is there any other alternative to changing internet providers, which is what IB Support have told me to do?

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    Just for fun, during the Sydney day time, I logged in to IB Gateway with the live account, and TWS with the paper account. I did this because I knew that the live account's server reset at approximately 11pm US Central time (3pm Sydney time).

    Just after 3pm, the live account server resets, as expected, Gateway attempts to log in, fails, and shuts down immediately. TWS, logged in with the paper account at this time, operates normally.

    When TWS is logged in with the live account, as it has been for goodness knows how many months past, TWS will just continue to try to log back in, and eventually does.

    So this appears to be a Gateway problem, regardless of which server it connects to, and regardless of which account is logged in at the time.

    I might add that the Gateway daily auto restart process happens without any problems. This isn't a Gateway daily restart problem, the problem is Gateway attempting to log in to the IB server, it can't, so Gateway shuts down.

    Is anyone else having a similar issue? I would like to try to isolate this problem, and to determine if the fault lies with the internet provider (as Interactive Brokers says it does), or if the problem lies with Interactive Brokers Gateway API (as Telstra says it does).