Interactive Brokers SWAP Charges??

Discussion in 'Forex' started by benysl, Sep 2, 2006.

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    does anybody where can I find out the information on the Interactive Brokers swap charges?

    If I long/short a gbp.usd how much interest do I have to pay/receive per day?

    If I long/short a usd.chf how much interest do I have to pay/receive per day?

    I have ask several Interactive brokers staff but most of them don't seem to have any information
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  5. Hmmm... This is how they provide TWS for free, in addition to weird min interest charge.

    Although the website indicates the min is $2.50 or USD Equivalent, that is not true. For some weird reasons, IB tends to charge more for all other currencies. For example, the min for GBP is charged more than US$0.35 per trade [the min commission is GBP1.5 (about US$2.85)]. I don't think $2.85 and $2.5 can be deemed as an equivalent!

    Even if you ask the staff, most still don't know about it. You can know only when you receive your account statement.

    Finally this is the real min commission list (you cannot find it on IB website) at the best of my knowledge. I figured it out all the hard way.
    Currency===Min commission
    AUD 3.5
    CAD 3.5 (<-- That's crazy! It is equal to US$3.17)
    CHF 3
    EUR 2
    GBP 1.5
    HKD 20
    JPY 250
    MXN 25
    SEK 20
    USD 2.5