Interactive Brokers: STP With 1 Week Notice?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by segv, May 24, 2007.

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    We are an institutional client of IB that signed up for the STP system some time ago. Today we received a notice that STP would be required for authenticating traders in one week with a one day grace period. This is the first notice of any change that we have received. That is totally unacceptable. Further, I cannot believe that IB expects me to carry this brick of a device around all of the time. Where is the key-chain sized device you advertise on your web site? If this is what we can expect from you, then you can expect us to wire out before the deadline.

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    is this the new device?
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    For accounts over $100k probably a good idea.
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    I had that security token device for a while and I had to use it for funding and withrawal frommy account but as of yesterday, I have to use it to login to my account. I have to take it to work everyday and return it home at night. It is another cell phone like device in my pocket. honestly I have no space to hold anything more.
  5. That's ridiculous. Here's an actual pic of segv's STP-device:

  6. segv -- we both know leaving IB is an empty threat. I feel your pain, but industry-leading security is a good thing!
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    Hey, I didn't know IB had a program to get the Secure Computing device studded with crystals.... Where do I sign up? :D
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    It is not the secure authentication that bothers me, lack of communication, and the implementation. I thought that Interactive Brokers was supposed to be a technology driven firm. Why does Etrade have this nice key-chain sized token while Interactive Brokers has a ridiculous calculator-sized token?


    Secure Computing makes a nice key-chain sized token for SafeWord shown here on their web site. When can we get one from IB?


    Why are customers getting one week notice for a big change like this?

    Why is IB forcing this inferior technology on its customers?

    As to IB alternatives, I can think of a few. We will pay much more to be much less irritated.
  9. How big is the device segv? I have a european bank account using a device called a digipass. It's about the size of a mini-pocket calculator. Fantastic security.

    It looks like this:

    I feel your pain on their failure to provide timely communication though.

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  10. You can't be too surprised at this deadline unless you are just plain blind, deaf, or dumb. My guess is the latter.

    There have been other threads here for months. To include one dated 5/15 here about the roll out for financial advisors.

    That aside, your main complaint appears to be the size of the device, and not your account security. Geezuz. LOL! Give this man something that will fit on his key chain! LOL.

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