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  1. Hello, maybe someone can help me:

    Today I entered a long position on the sep 2005 GBP future at 1.7572. A stop order was entered at 1.7530. Unfortunately, I went long near the top, price dropped below my stop level, but the stop order didn't trigger. I manually closed the position at 1.7501, way below my desired stop level. All of this happened at about 5:00 till 6:00 AM EST.

    I asked IB what had happened, and a representative told me it seemed as if the stop order wasn't configured to be triggered outside of regular trading hours. I'm rather sure though to have enabled that option before. Now I checked my audit trail to find any clue on this question, but I don't know where to look for.

    Here are the details for the stop order which didn't trigger, (copied from my audit trail:

    MsgType NewOrderSingle

    SendingTime 20050705-07:59:59
    ClientOrderID 1275730700.0
    ClearingAccount [# deleted]
    AuxPrice 1.753
    DdeId 2
    ServerId 8073230
    OrderQty 1
    OrderType Stop
    Symbol GBP
    MaturityMonthYear 200509
    SecurityType FUT
    SecurityID 6BU5
    SecurityIDSource 101
    ContractMultiplier 62500.0
    Side Sell
    TimeInForce DAY
    ExDestination GLOBEX
    6210 GLOBEX
    ContractID 27987002
    OptionAcct c
    OpenClose Open
    ClOrdLinkID 2
    6209 ReduceOnFillNonBlock
    EOrder Socket
    ParentClientId 1275730699.0
    Currency USD
    CheckSum 066

    Thanks in advance!
  2. First, do a search on IB and Stops. This has been discussed extensively recently.

    You have to do two things to fix your problem:

    1. allow stops to trigger outside RTH
    2. set the contract definition to allow trading outside RTH

    Both of these are configuration settings for the orders and stops.

    Note, that RTH=NYSE opening hours, not the specific RTH for the contracts your trading.

    All the
  3. Hi Vikana,

    I have not heard of the 2nd requirement, set contract definition to allow trading outside RTH. Can you please explain how you do it?

  4. Sanjuro


    Select Order -> Ticket
    Time in Force Tab
    Uncheck Regular Trading Hours only

  5. Xenia


    I have heard that EUREX stop orders for FGBL did not trigger today.

    IB said that they had problems with EUREX.

    Any comments ?
  6. Eurex was fine here.
  7. Xenia


    IB´s bracket orders for EUREX do not work properly since July 04.

    Unbelievable that they did not inform customers about a severe bug in their server software.
  8. IBsoft

    IBsoft Interactive Brokers

    You imply that we knew that it does not work. What does not work?
  9. Xenia


    Attached bracket orders for EUREX do not work properly. Everything looks normal,
    but part B (LMT order) will never execute although market trades clearly thru limit price.

    (A) parent order (BUY STP)
    (B) take profit order (SELL LMT)
    (C) stop loss order (SELL STP)

    Happened with EUREX (FGBL) Jul 4, 5, 12 (today). IB could at least have given
    a warning via TWS bulletin. But no bulletin seen last week, no bulletin seen this week ...
  10. Pete - IB

    Pete - IB Interactive Brokers

    This is not quite right--the setting you mention applies to limit orders. To configure stop orders to trigger outside regular trading hours, select "Configure/Order/Stop Trigger Method" from the top-level menu and check "Allow triggering outside of regular trading hours."

    #10     Jul 12, 2005