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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by trader60611, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. I am having trouble getting a stop-limit to execute on Interactive Brokers. Today I was long 100 sh of PLCE with a stop-loss (Stop limit) order in at $47.29 ,with a limit price around 47.10 I think. The “Last Price” traded repeatedly through (above to below) 47.29 without taking me out, although I was able to instantaneaously sell (manually) at the bid.(after canceling the stop-limit). This is a liquid stock (>500 k sh/day), yet the order at IB never filled. Am I doing something wrong? Is my limit order to “loose” (far from the stop trigger)? I am also having this problem on buy stops. Sometimes the price goes past the buy stop, although well within my limit price, but the order never fills. Of course, sometimes it does.

    What can I do to make sure my resting stop-limit order gets filled?

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    You've got to look at the configuration choices that you have set up. You can set the stop to trigger on the last or double bid/double ask. My guess is that you had the latter. If not, please contact the help desk who can provide further details.
  3. Do you have a stop LOST?
    or a stop LMT ?

    Stop lmt, will only execute at the specific price

    Stop lost will execute at any prices once it drops below your specified price.
  4. Really... I thought IB got rid of that double bid/double ask choice a long
    time ago and now it is just when the last price was hit... :confused:

    No matter what, the order should of been executed... :(
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    He said it was a stop-limit.

    "Stop-LOST" is not a valid order type. I think you mean simply "stop" aka "stop-market".
  6. I wonder if he was being sarcastic... :p