Interactive brokers: Stop-Limit order errors? (futures)

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by 1prometheus, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. I have been a happy IB customer for 5+ years. I recently started using stop-limit orders and would like to make more use of them.

    I am noticing that it appears there is an error when you attempt to create such an order using the order ticket. For example: When u enter a ZB order, there is no delimiter in the stop price field, and one cannot be added manually. I have noticed other annoying flukes as well, such as the stop or limmit price populating with a price that is one order of magnitude off from the market price (0.43 vs 1.43) This is of course highly annoying as it makes order entry errors more likely.

    Has anyone else experienced these issues using stop-limmit orders? I currently have a ticket in with IB in effort to get some resolution on this. I will update here if there is any progress.
  2. A few years ago while trading ZG I had experiences where stop loss orders did not trigger..I caught the second one , since then I have taken manual stops. I like I.B , I should mention that.
  3. Just to update on this: One part of the problem is solved: the 1.43 vs. .43 issue when entering stop limit orders was due to a default setting in the software that I was unaware of. Apparently, the default was to put the stop 1 point away from the current price, and that seemed to be causing the problem.

    I have been very pleased with IB for 5+ years so am glad to see this glitch was just a matter of a default setting that I was unaware of.