Interactive Brokers Secure Login: mobile app or card?

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  1. Interactive Brokers offers 2 options for secure login - a credit-card sized token and a mobile app called IB key. If you have experience with them, what is your preference? Which do you think is better? Wondering which to use myself.
  2. rmorse

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    I used the CC devise and did not like it. It's easy to carry, but not easy to use. I have never used the IB mobile app but I have used others and I like that system better.
  3. May I ask which are you using now that you like better?
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    I don't currently have an account at IB. Victor Securities was an Introducing Broker to IB in 2015 but we dropped the relationship. I found it difficult to type on that little CC devise.

    You can get used to anything, but I would choose the phone application.
  5. May we ask why your firm "dropped" Interactive Brokers?
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    Was not a good fit for us. It required a third tier above the master sub structure for us to do our job, and the process wasn't in place properly at the time. We could not bringing enough business for it to be material to us or them without that.
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    I've had the "credit card type" device for at least a decade and I like it. I don't have any apps on my phone - because I'm old and my phone has everything I need already.

    I can't compare the two since I've never used the app, but having the secondary authentication (and all the steps necessary) raises the bar significantly for any evil doers that may attempt to access my account.
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    I like the card with the codes on it. What I don't like is the gold card like a credit card where you have to enter codes. It's very difficult to use. It's a new device, has not been around for 10 years.
  9. ktm


    Mine is a black device with silver buttons called Safeword Platinum. After I successfully log into TWS with UserID/password, I get a challenge code. Then I turn on the device, enter my secret pin and the challenge code and get a response string...then I type the response string into TWS to be validated.

    I've heard there are different versions of these devices. Mine was one of the very earliest and for some unknown reason, the original battery has never died. When the battery dies, I'm sure they will send me something newer.
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    I think Rmorse is right, the new devices have been introduced a couple of years ago.
    I'm surprised Ktm you still can use the platinum device (it sounds like the former device I had) , I thought IB had forced all customers to update their device, the new one is much thinner, similar to a credit card in dimensions.
    There was a thread here when the change was implemented, some poster arguing that the former device offered more combinations, and several that the new one is fragile, the screen getting spoiled easily.
    I didn't like the switch very much but got used to it and haven't had a problem since I received the cc like device.
    As of the card with the codes on it, I've actually used it for a secondary account, it might look more convenient but it's far less safe and is only OK for smaller account sizes as there are limits on withdrawal amounts.
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