Interactive Brokers Rude Customer Service

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  1. I know everyone complains about it, but I gotta say that every once in a while I am absolutely shocked by how rude some of their customer service people are. Shocking!

    It is obvious that management just doesn't care.
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  3. I've found brokers, including IB, are very polite to customers whose business they <i>highly value</i>. Think you're you in that category?
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    I have always found IB customer service to be courteous. Maybe your tone needs to changed a tad ?
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    use to be much worse..right now trading desk dept guys are good and reasonably knowledgeable. Euro trading desk-very nice\polite dept -good.option 5 dept-bunch of clueless idiots..
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    If you are a big trader/high volume trader, they will treat you a 5 stars customer service. Big trader means 3000 trades per day a minimum.

    If you are a small trader average less than 100 trades per day, they will treat u like shit or if u are paying extreme low commission, will be worse.

    I should post a thread about finding a good brokerages to help newbies and amatuers

  7. That's BS. I do 10 trades in a huge day.

    They treat me well. They've always been polite.

    But I don't ask many questions and when I do:
    - the questions aren't stupid
    - I'm polite
    - I'm firm and assertive without upsetting anyone.
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    You know: Ask stupid questions, get stupid answers. It's GIGO.
  9. The customer service base in Quebec are the worst. The ones from Chicago are helpful and nice. Actually there are a couple from Quebec that are nice and knowledgeble. The rest should be fired...................or shot
  10. This is nonsense...
    It assumes some drone making $20/hour...
    Working in a dreary Phone Bank all day long...
    Will actually make this distinction.
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