Interactive Brokers Research Bundle

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ferrycorsten, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Anyone have this?
  2. Bob111


    it would be a decent tool,if they can deliver the data via API(separate API,leave alone the current one). API that doesn't hangs on after few requests for few stocks. other than that-there is nothing new or unique. i can get all the data they provide with ONE click into my application . subscriptions cost me about same amount of money and i'm using my app for years. once again-today, if you want sell something-it has to be new and unique.they use to be pioneers in many areas,but not anymore..i can understand why..cause this whole trading thing is dying
  3. What application do you use?
  4. Bob111


    my own
    to their credit-they nicely incorporated many pieces of data in one place,but today without API or ability to go through thousands of stocks using your own filters...imo-it's sort of outdated..
    what i would do-i would create a BETTER substitute to a service that use to provided by company called quote plus. IB is not that far.
    i would then gladly give them 50-100 $ a month to have all the data for all stocks,etf's etc.. nice,accurate and clean data from one place.
    too bad that they are too far from me..i would be happy to work in such dept :)
  5. CodeX


    since when, Bob? You giving up on trading already?
  6. Bob111

    Bob111 be the judge..look at the volume on stocks,look at activity on this forum. look at activities on other TRADING related forums..
    i'm not giving up(cause it's my only source of income and i'm not interested to work for someone). look at retail brokerage stocks,look at IBKR. are they hitting all time high,like rest of the market? compare today with let say 2000? or you not old enough?
  7. CodeX


    I see. Do you think decimalization is the reason why trading especially day trading has dried?
  8. zdreg


    decimalization is an excuse. it is used by floor traders who can't steal from the public like they use to + incompetent retail traders. the latter group includes a substantial number of prop traders who think they are professionals because they have a license.