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    How come interactve brokers simply shuts down all forex quotes everyday? And its not at the same time either, it kind of happens randomly.

    The charting still works...You can see where the currency is trading, however you can't see the actual bid/ask.

    What is this?
  2. Roughly around 5pm the next Forex trading starts so they treat it somewhat like futures. Settle your position as it stood that day and rollover to the next day.

    There is no specific language stating this is what they day that I can find, this is merely from observation as I tend to carry a lot of my FOREX trades to the next trading day...

    Why it has to drop I dont know perhaps its the same as their Midnight maintenance rollover...
  3. Define "kind of happens randomly" and someone might know the answer.

    At the moment it does sound like the maintenance window.
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    m sure its maintance but its so unset in its time of day and duration, it seems odd
  5. Check the logs it is around 5:00 to 5:15 that they close out the "trading" day for FOREX
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    Last question:

    I had a realized P&L of a few hundred, I walked away from the computer for a few minutes, I come back, and it was reduced to less than 100.

    No trades took place.

    Anyone know what this is about, Is there any one thing that tells me my overall P&L for the entire life of the account? Or do I have to do Current Net Liquidation Value - Beginning balance.
  8. DID you walk away before 5pm and come back after 5pm???
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    Nono, this was at about 10 PM ET.
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