Interactive brokers outage

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by redharel, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. redharel



    till this minute IB market data is down for almost 2 hours which cost me money as i'm an option trader. i had open position on SPX that was up last time the system was up and now probably evaporated.

    Is there anything i can do to claim a compensation apart from those useless IB tickets?

  2. ET180


    I can still place trades through WebTrader and mobile IB app. I just don't have any market data. Find another source for market data.
  3. Here4money


    Same over here, no data on my mobile
  4. redharel


    too late for that, the position is probably gone now.
  5. I doubt it.

    BTW I was able to place a couple of SPX spread limit orders and get filled using other data. But the fact is I didn't need to know what the current bid/ask was anyway. I knew what my entry price was going to be, placed the order there and waited.
  6. You can still place orders, you just don't have market data.
  7. data is back up and working fine for me now.
  8. Account management is back up too.
  9. redharel


    i can't place anything, TWS is black on my part. i bet the big sharks get compensation from them, no way IB don't have some sort of responsibility here
  10. fan27


    I can't log in to IB's webtrader.
    #10     Jan 5, 2018