Interactive brokers offering Bitcoin Trading this Summer

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    Saw online in a few publications mention that Interactive Brokers will be offering Bitcoin trading. Not just bitcoin futures this summer. Does anyone know if they plan to offer other Cryptos as well?

    "Interactive Brokers, the Greenwich-based $30 billion trading platform that caters to professional traders and sophisticated investors, plans to offer bitcoin trading to customers by the end of this summer, a spokesperson says. "


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    It may mean you could buy bitcoin and transfer it to a crypto exchange to buy another coin. I wonder if you can buy bitcoin on portfolio margin?
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    I wonder if you could as well. No portfolio margin for us in Canada

    It would definitely make the bitcoin contango trade easier to do for those selling bitcoin futures and buying bitcoin spot.
  4. Wouldn't it just be as simple as a FX exchange?

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  5. IB does not offer portfolio margin in Canada in general? I am quite interested in this answer. Could you please comment on that?

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    IB doesn't offer portfolio margin in Canada And neither do the other brokers as the Regulator doesn't allow it.
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    It will be available.
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