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    Is there a reason why interactive brokers does not allow trading in the following Sydney based contracts?

    90d bank bill futures
    3yr Treasury bond futures
    10yr treasury bond futures

    Anyone have a contact email other than

    I queried them on the bond contracts. First they said that US residents were not authorized to trade them. Of course that's crap. Only AFTER getting confirmation from the CFTC and SFE did they change their tune with an "oh, no... what i mean't was we don't offer them".......

    Market prices are available via TWS and the contract specs are in their lookup system. Exchange connectivity already exists as access is already provided to the stock index contract.
  2. It's because of the variable tick value. I was told it would require considerable programming changes as their systems are all set up for fixed tick values.
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    they provide JPY stocks and those have variable tick value too (by the way US options too...)
    I would love to see it and trade it in size....IB?
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    Given that AU$ bill futures have been around since 1980 you would think that the implementation into front and back end systems was fairly standardized by now....

    Back in 1992 we were booking these trades in an automated lotus 123 spreadsheet.....front office, middle office and back office. Not to sound disparaging, but even the back office understood the principle, math and spreadsheet implementation.
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    (1) Are there any IB representatives available for comment on the above?

    (2) Also, Is there a reason why EUREX/SOFFEX Swiss Conferederation bonds futures are not available for trading? Not the most active contract in the world but it does have an OI of about 12000 and daily volume of around 1500.
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    I cannot comment on Sydney bonds but CONF futures are available.
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    When I try to execute an order I'm prompted with a response of "Regulatory Restriction".

    From your website:

    You'll see that it says only Eurex(Soffex) equity index futures are available.

    What will it take to add CONF bond futures? What am I missing?

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    Actually, I think it IS a question for IB.

    The CFTC does not approve foreign debt futures contracts. The underlying debt security must be designated as exempted securities by the SEC. The debt securities of Switzerland have been so designated and thus may be offered or sold to U.S. customers through an appropriate intermediary.

    So, given that the contract is legally available for US residents, why doesn't IB facilitate trading in this contract?

  10. hi. have you tried using the suggestion poll that IB has? if they reject they probaby will tell you why.or there is a Ib bulletin board also.
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