Interactive Brokers & Level IV™: Real Time IB Trading Now Available on Level IV™

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  1. EvanC

    EvanC Advanced Market Systems


    Trade with Interactive Brokers on the Level IV™ Trading Platform


    We are proud to announce the Level IV™ Trading Platform now supports direct trading trough our interface with Interactive Brokers.

    Level IV™ supports All of Interactive Brokers order types with The DOMinator™ - Our Real Time, Depth of Market trading tools:

    Our new Intelligent Order Allocation™ will help you DOMinate the Market -- Now with Interactive Brokers.

    Instantly place orders via The DOMinator™, with Direct Chart Trading, or through automatic Alerts Based Trading.

    The DOMinator™ has perhaps The Most Advanced Price Ladder and Quick Trade tools in the Industry.

    • Completely control Order Creation & Position Management
    • Support for multiple accounts – Set Trade Plans to trade 1 or multiple accounts with one click
    • • • • Combined with Money Management settings, share size can be automatically determined by account
    • Instant order confirmation with broker messages

    The Four Views of the DOMinator™ Window
    • The DOM View - With Trade Plan Preview™ & Money Management
    • Order Ticket View - Easily Place Complex Orders
    • Trade Plans View - Money Management & Multi-Level Intelligent Order Creation
    • Broker Accounts View - Select Brokers for Order Placement


    Enhanced Level IV™ Direct Chart Trading & Trendline Alert Trading allows Traders to place orders Directly from the Chart.
    • POINT-CLICK-TRADE ~ Chart Alert Trade with Trendlines - Fire Trades Automatically with Alerts
    • Manage Orders & Positions Directly on the Chart - Exclusive Drag & Drop & Click Order Actions All New
    • Chart Trendline Trading - Penetration of a Trendline can Execute an Order


    Level IV™ Alerts Based Trading Allows Traders to Configure Multiple Alerts and Automatic Trading
    • Alert Trading on Market and Market Maker Activity with Patented & Patent Pending Features
    • Alert Trading & Chart Alert Trading All New on Patented Level IV™ Trading Platform Statistics


    ”Trade Faster & Smarter With Level IV™ -- Now Interactive Brokers Customers Can Enjoy the Level IV Advantage™ Too!"

    In short, Level IV™ is the newest, most intuitive, enhanced and advanced real-time streaming data & trading platform in the industry.

    Yes, that’s a tall claim to make and we know you will have to see it, to believe it.

    That’s why you are invited to Join Us in our Free Webinar Training Series,

    And to try The Level IV Trading Platform™ for yourself-for Free!

    Click Here to sign up for our FREE, No Credit Card Necessary, 20-Minute Delayed Data Version of Level IV.
  2. Can someone translate this please, what does this mean in terms of everyday use?

    With the DOM its possible to get some insight where orders might fill, though isn't this obscured with iceberg orders etc.?

    There seems to be a technical analysis orientated trading feature, and "money management" features but overall it seems to cause more questions than answers.

    Is anyone using these features and how do you find them?
  3. JackR


    I don't use it. Looking at their web site material -

    It appears to be a data feed and charting package with bells and whistles geared to discretionary trading. It places orders to Interactive Brokers but you don't use IB data. Cost is $50 to $200 a month ( plus exchange fees) depending on the data package selected. Data available, including historical tick and time and sales seems impressive.

    So it is not a front-end to IB like Button Trader or ZeroLine Trader or a charting package like MultiCharts, etc, that use IB data. It is a standalone system with its own data feed.

    Nothing in it for me - others might find it worthwhile.

  4. EvanC

    EvanC Advanced Market Systems

    Thank you for your questions, “Trading1,”

    We welcome questions and I’ll answer each of yours in turn:

    Q: “Can someone translate this please, what does this mean in terms of everyday use?”

    A: What this means is that customers of Interactive Brokers can now enter one-click trade orders directly through the Level IV Trading Platform.

    Trades can be simple buy or sell orders, bracketed trades, and trades executing on one or more accounts simultaneously.

    These trades can be made through The DOMinator™ Price Ladder, directly from a Chart, or can be triggered automatically by Alerts including Chart Trendline Penetration Alerts, and Indicator Alerts.

    Q: “With the DOM it’s possible to get some insight where orders might fill, though isn't this obscured with iceberg orders etc.?”

    A: It’s true Market Makers and other large traders sometimes try to hide their true intentions by trading directly through the exchanges or with a series of repeating small volume orders.

    The DOMinator™ can give you some clues as to where orders might fill due to the Depth of Market volume data shown at each price point in the Bid and Ask price columns, and by displaying the Price Volume columns to see 1, 7, 14, or 28 day history of volume at each price point.

    Q: “There seems to be a technical analysis orientated trading feature, and "money management" features but overall it seems to cause more questions than answers.”

    A: As to Technical Analysis trading features, we have a wide variety of Charting and Indicator Alerts users can set, and each of them can be set up with different Trade Plans for Automatic Alerts Based Trading.

    One of the new ideas we bring to Technical Analysis and trading is that we simultaneously follow every piece of Market Maker information for up to 1,000 stocks simultaneously.

    We have come up with a few dozen new indicators based upon Market Maker activity, so a trader can simply click on a stock shown in one of our Market Maker views and place an order based upon our market maker indicators. It adds a whole new dimension to trading ideas.

    Our Money Management settings allow Traders a convenient tool to Discipline themselves in their trades.

    Using Money Management, order size is automatically calculated based upon three metrics: The amount of money in a given account, the stop losses set in one’s Trade Plans, and the acceptable Trade Risk (maximum amount of money a trader is willing to risk/lose per trade).

    Other Questions:

    With all of our new features we kept the end-user in mind, and built in many tools to help traders quickly grasp what can be done from our trading platform.

    To that end, every feature has “Tool Tips” that pop-up when hovering your mouse over the associated Icon or Control. Every type of window has a Quick Help button that will take you to the online user manual. And we’ve created the “Level IV University” video series, which also reviews all of these features. Further we offer weekly interactive webinars to demonstrate many of our features to help guide Traders in their use.

    It’s my job to work with customers and potential customers directly, so please let me know what specific questions you may have, and I would be happy to answer them.
  5. EvanC

    EvanC Advanced Market Systems

    Hello Jack, and Thank you for the positive comments,

    As to our not using data from Interactive Brokers, you are correct. While IB data is known to be great, we provide additional data no one else does.

    This is because we are following the entire Market Maker stream for every symbol in your list simultaneously. To do this we transmit up to 10 times as much data as any other data provider.

    This is necessary as our Proprietary Indicators require real-time calculation of ALL Market Maker Activity on Every Symbol in your list at the same time.

    Thus we are sending our subscribers every Trade, Bid & Ask, on every symbol (up to 1,000) in their Symbol List in real time.

    You would have to have up to 1,000 Level II windows open at the same time, and be able to make calculations on all of that data in real time, to do the equivalent of what we do.

    Our indicators require all that quantity of data, and that forced us to make a host of innovations in data shipping and crunching. This has only become possible in the past few years as both Internet Bandwidth and raw computational power have seen exponential increases for people in home and office environements.

    Thank you for sharing the link to our pricing page, but the one you gave was for the middle of the signup process, and will only work for you.

    Here is the link to our pricing options:

    For information on our Weekly Webinar Series, and to see Videos of our Program Features please look here:

    Again, we welcome any and all friendly questions and comments, and will try to reply to each one quickly.

    Thanks again,

  6. bears21


    Is our order flow internalized or do we have direct access to all ecn and exchanges? Also do you have any of the dark order routes and which dark pool has the most liquidity available?
  7. Bob111


    is it so hard to check the info in their website?

    how this level 4 or whatever software can do something like that? it's is up to your broker capabilities,not this platform.
    if your broker does not have access to a certain dark pools,ecn's or whatever markets-how this platform would allow you to get there? they are using and connected to a same broker and your account(if i understand things correctly).
  8. bears21


    I use ib so I am assuming it is all ib data

  9. Bob111


    i understand that.. this L4 platform will not going to be able to route your order outside of your broker capabilities.(if that 's what you are asking). if IB has it-so should this platform(btw-most of those Ib's dark pools....they just dark..) :p
  10. EvanC

    EvanC Advanced Market Systems

    Hello Bears21,

    Question 1: Is our order flow with IB internalized?

    We display which orders are bring sent and which are in a waiting state. We hold some conditional orders until the prerequisite order is filled.

    Orders are submitted directly to IB as they are placed, though there are some limits on what can be done due to Interactive Brokers API (Application Programming Interface).

    For instance, in the case of One Triggers Another Cancels Another (OTOCA) orders, initial orders with profit taking and/or stop loss exit orders, we submit the initial order, and hold the conditional orders in a "waiting" state until the initial order becomes a position. As soon as IB responds with a message the order has filled, then the subsequent orders are placed.

    Question 2: Do we have direct access to all ECNs and Exchanges? Also do you have any of the dark order routes and which dark pool has the most liquidity available?

    Interactive Brokers does support directing orders to particular exchanges, however we do not yet support that. We are working on making such functionality available.

    Bob111 is correct in his first reply to you. We can only support the order types allowed by the Broker through the API they offer partners.
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