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  1. Are there any traders here that go short and long in large blocks (1k-5k sh) using ib. I'm interested in opening an acct, & I've tried the demo. I can't seem to find ib's short list. Do they look for the shares after you've placed the short sell (extra delay)? Any other info about ib is appreciated. thanks
  2. I personally trade mostly in 300 share or 500 share blocks at most, but you should be able to trade 1000+ share lots just the same. Obviously your success is still dependent upon finding enough liquidity to trade against, but you face that with whatever broker you trade with.

    Here is the link for IB's short list:
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    Can't tell you about 5-10K large block trades, but I have no trouble shorting smaller lots, and the executions are fast.

    Go to their homepage... at the top left of the page open "products & commissions"..., then sroll down the pagge and open the link "US Equities that are available to borrow". That's the short list.
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    You should not have any problem.

    The wish that I have for IB is to show P&L for open positions and provide access to ECNs. Also, the page layout is sometimes a problem (at least for me :)) When I have 3-5 positions opened and I want to close I need to find each page and the stock and close the postion. I wish we could close them from one page (open trades)

    How do you guys have stocks arranged in IB? I guess if you track one or 3 stocks this is not a problem...

  5. Thanks guys. I can't believe they don't offer EXTR to short.
  6. pkjr - It sounds like others have said they are specifying ecn's?
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    As far as access to ECNs, they're all there. Are you sure you're not just choosing BEST all the time?

    As far as page arrangement, I usually create a new page for each stock I'm going to trade, with all the possible routes for that stock on the page. I also make some pages that list the BEST routes for the stocks I'm most interested in at the time. It seems to work fairly well.
  8. Does IB offer SOES execution? Is it quicker to get off a soes trade or an ecn trade (on average)? thx
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    Yes, IB has SOES but ECN orders are almost instantaneous if their is a matching order. Definetely use an ECN if possible.