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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Andiroo, Sep 24, 2010.

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    Is anyone aware of any apps that i can use with my IB account as an automated trade log / trade journal.

    I want to be able to record all my trades (stocks and futures) and keep a detailed set of records of each trade. I am doing this manually but its getting very onerous.

    Either an Excel based tool via and API or a similar would be ideal

    Any Ideas?

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    What I am not sure how to do on IB, is to be able to see all past trades for a certain stock?
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    I don't think that is available directly from IB. What you can do is create a Custom Flex Report (View/Statements/Activity Flex. Set up a report that just does trades and outputs Text/Comma or Text/Tab. Then you can run that report which will output all your trades for the period selected in a format easily imported into a spreadsheet or database. Then filter for the desired symbol.

  5. You can try the Flex report in IB. There is also a handy little database style app called Trading Diary Pro that I found. It can read the flex file from IB and automatically imports all the trades. It has a number of canned reports and graphical reports which are somewhat useful. What I do mostly is export the Positions view into Excel (via CSV file) and run my own custom macros to analyze the data from there. You can make it as automated as you want if you are good with Excel macros. Hope this helps.