interactive brokers java api closing time

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by thosecars82, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. When I print the contract details for a particular contract
    I do not get the field m_tradingHours that it is supposed to be there according to

    This is what I got:
    conid = 30351181
    symbol = GOOG
    secType = STK
    expiry = null
    strike = 0.0
    right = null
    multiplier = null
    exchange = SMART
    primaryExch = NASDAQ
    currency = USD
    localSymbol = GOOG
    marketName = NMS
    tradingClass = NMS
    minTick = 0.01
    price magnifier = 1
    underConId = 0
    longName = GOOGLE INC-CL A
    And as you can see there is no tradingHours field in this listing. Moreover, I just checked the source that is downloaded when installing TWS and I did not see any field called m_tradingHours.

    Any idea about why this incoherence?
    Thansk in advance