Interactive Brokers Incorrect Option Margin Requirements

Discussion in 'Options' started by frostengine, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. Robert Morse

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    They don't. It is easier to code in one risk rule then many. They did the same with my BABA example.
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  2. Sig


    I agree. Pretty poor display of sheer laziness imho as someone who has coded similar stuff, but that's their model.
    #22     Sep 24, 2017
  3. ajacobson


    Grooming for a sale ?
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  4. JackRab


    @Robert Morse, what if clients are long but leveraged? So... long 400 stocks @100 with 30k capital... they would be subject to IB's margin rules. Same would go with a long call or put spread...

    Maybe OP has more positions which are leveraged/over own capital... so a long call spread is bought on margin and needs to adhere to those rules.

    During GFC I was long :vomit: stocks incl AMBAC... and short some options... (again :vomit:) then margin on the options wasn't covered anymore due to the floor collapsing and IB was liquidating some AMBAC (which ended up being a good thing since it dropped way beyond what the liquidation level was).

    Not saying that IB's margin rules make total sense... they don't...
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  5. Robert Morse

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    I'm not a expert of what IB does. And, they seem to change their risk rules often.
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  6. truetype


    I'm sure IB is tired of being gamed by undercapitalized "traders" with huge tail-risk exposure.
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  7. Sig


    How are they being "gamed" exactly? How can you or they lose more than the purchase price of a long stop or option or the max defined loss on a european options spread? That's the topic of this thread, not if IB can or should increase allowed leverage.
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  8. Do you even understand what tail-risk means ?
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  9. Jack, in one account I own 50K in options, have about 50K cash. My initial margin is over 50K, so I can;t open a new position. So, again my portfolio: 50% in being long options, 50% cash, where is risk? where is logic ? Lets stop talking about hypotheticals here. Show me the risk ?
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  10. ajacobson


    Actually it's all a hypothetical with out seeing a money line. Black out the ownership details and post your money line.
    #30     Sep 25, 2017