Interactive Brokers - IB - Need Help. Is it right for me?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Tahoe, Nov 3, 2001.

  1. Tahoe



    I have read many, many comments about Interactive Brokers, but can't really make up my mind on them. Some people absolutely love them and others say to run FAST away from them. I'm looking for a broker that can execute my e-mini Nasdaq 100 index future trading via GLOBEX quickly. In addition, I want (of course) low round trip commissions (<$10). I don't need level II, and I don't need any charting or real-time data feed or tools from the broker, since I'll be getting that from eSignal or + MetaStock Pro or Ensign (haven't decided on the combo yet). So, I just want a broker that can place the order quickly and dependably and offer low rates.

    Based on the above, does anyone think that Interactive Brokers would be right for me?


  2. ddefina


    IB is great. Fast and cheap, no frills, and always improving their execution software. Those people that say run may be technically challenged, or have some other beef.
  3. i recently switched to IB from Cyber.. i have no complaints.. in fact, i prefer the IB interface.. im not a futures trader though so i couldnt speak to that aspect..

  4. Turok


    IB doesn't match up exactly with everyones needs. IB matches up exactly with yours.

  5. check
    cheaper and faster than IB. offers 2500 daytrading margin for the nasdaq and sp500 mini, J-trader software is free. they require $500 minimum commissions a month (about 100 trades a month) and $7500 minimum opening account. so if you are going to be trading a lot, several contracts, several ins and outs during the day this is better than IB. And the big plus (for me) is that if you want hands-free order entry API, it is available upon request, for free, no hassles. Try that with IB.