Interactive Brokers HK server down. hey IB it's nearly 2011 you clowns

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Full Tilt, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Unbelievable that it's nearly 2011 and IB cares so little about its clients money (hey, it's not theirs, so fuck 'em) that it doesn't have backup systems in place so that redundancy makes this a non starter.

    Their system is so fucked up that even though everything but asian markets is available, you can't sign in to TWS. Of course, I'm long several contracts in the HSI for the lunch and short several in copper. The crack team updating the system status took 20 minutes to even figure out that all systems were NOT green.

    It is unbelievable that they just rely on a user agreement that absolves them of all responsibility, so they just don't care to make the investment to have a solid system. i guess too busy churning out more and more fucked up buggy versions of their shite TWS and forcing us to "upgrade" to them.

    Like several others I've seen here over the years, I am stuck with them because so few brokers offer the Hang Seng, and those that do have commissions that are too high for a trader. So I'm stuck. I just hope they get it resolved so I don't end up having to hold this position over the weekend due to their ineptitude.
  2. IB system failure seems to be higher than expected this year. I experienced market data loss and screw-ups (eg chart plotting wrong bars) about one month ago. It happened about 20 minutes before market close. They still hadn't fixed it at market close.

    IB is still my backup broker until it cares to fix some serious bugs (which IB said they are "work by design") that I have reported.

    Unreliability of IB stop loss:

    Today's screenshot:
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    After IB gets hit with a mullti-billion dollar class action law suit for fraud, conspiracy, and screwing traders, they'll finally get serious and fix some of this stuff. For now though, it's business as usual.
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    There was a major failure of the main switch and the auto fail over did not work as designed. We'll focus attention on what happened, get the vendors involved if necessary in the hopes that we can avoid such a situation down the line. Understandably you're upset and the best I can say is that great effort and expense has been made in attempts to avoid such problems.
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    FYI, I and others on another forum cannot get backfill data for Asian markets even though other issue is resolved.

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    I don't know if we'll be able to get that or not but I'll try to find out if there is a way to reinstate the missing data.
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    I can't load backfill data now, even though the market data is functioning.
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    correct, that should come up shortly.
  9. Yes. My backfill is dead too. (20m into 2nd session)

    I guess its an early weekend.

    Def, it would be helpful for our records at least if the backfill files were filled with data from somewhere when we come back on Monday.
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    Anyone know any good alternative brokerage firm for HSI futures/options in Hong Kong other than IB?
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