Interactive Brokers has the worst customer service possible

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  1. I just got off the phone with Customer service. I can't link my accounts until I update my forex trading experience; I can't update my forex trading experience until I link my accounts.

    Does this sound like classic IB or what??

    This lady I was spoke with was very nice but poorly trained. She could not help me. She said that it was only her and one other person on duty. No supervisor. She told me to go to technical support. We all know that tech support would just sent me back to customer service. In additional she told me that Tech Support didn't get in until 4 central. Well, that's not true because I got them on the phone to get help with installing Java and IB on this Win7 Machine

    The guy I spoke with was a complete jerk. Wouldn't listen, talked over me; you experienced people know the drill with IB and what I mean when I say that

    Finally when I just told him to cut the drama he lightened up and we got through with it and he apologized.

    Then he goes through and tries to explain why I had to intall both 32 bit and 64 bit Java, although at first he talked over my questions about it.

    He goes through this long explanation thinking he was talking over my head, teaching me a lesson I guess, showing how much he knew about what ever he knows about. Thinking I didn't understand what he meant.

    I told him what a terrible reputation IB has and how every experience I have ever had with IB was horrible. I asked him why it was that way and of course he had no answer.

    If are not with them now then I would run like hell to some one else even if it meant paying a little more.

    A bucket of shit isn't a good deal at any price.
  2. Update for the Lulz:

    I got through the forex issue but now it won't let me link until I put a fax number in. I have no fax number and the field is blank.

    It's sort of funny actually.
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    bad one is there on weekends. it's probably some international part of Ib. try monday.
    they been bad decade ago,but imo-improving.
    i was adding sub account last week and also run into a loop issue. after i choose user name and password for this sub account i have to re login, using them. when i did re login- all i see is same page to change the password. i did changed again, login again using new password and again- same page-change the password,no any other options. go figure...
  4. It bothers me a lot. Why do I keep my money with these guys if they won't give you the time of day on a simple install?

    Actually you are suppose to put the attribute you want populated through all the accounts. In the fax number case it is looking for a value to populate but no value exists. I can't get into the account just to put a bogus number in to satisfy it.

    When you go click on the "click here for more information" it returns a blank page.

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    the problem is that there is no one else is out there for us,the retail clients. any other retail broker will be probably far worse than IB. at least with IB you can find someone at any time,if you have some urgent trading issues. been there in the past. couple times i have to deal with european desk-i have no complains. very polite and knowledgeable people with that funny british accent :)
  6. The difference is the other brokers have systems that actually work and you don't need to call them.

    I loath calling IB. I have only done it maybe 7-8 times in 10-12 years. and only when I have had to.

    If they had any sense they would put a link up to the java you need for a win7 new install and let you handle it yourself.
  7. I was with IB for about 2 days until I got tired of their BS. They wont last even if they give free trades with their pathetic service and their trading platform is garbage!
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    Yeah, they won't last. I only give them ANOTHER 20 yrs or so and that's it.
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    I think your expectations are too high from an online retail broker. They do a good job in their space. Expecting the best and the brightest to answer the phone 24 hours a day is a little too much to ask.
  10. There is a difference between stupidity such as with the cable company or phone company and arrogance as with IB.

    You will find out one day when you least need or expect to.
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