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  1. I just don't get these overnight margin rates at Interactive Brokers. ES overnight initial $8052.25....VIX at all time low, yet these margin rates are thru the roof. What happened to this broker?

    Have the machines taken over???????

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  2. Robert Morse

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    Simple, they don't want overnight risk. We introduce to Wedbush. We use the exchange margin.
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  3. comagnum


    The Roth IRA is 300% above the regular rate ($24,000 for ES) - at TDA it 50% above the regular rate or $6,039.

    IB - is a rin-tin-tin outfit - They hit me bogus back billing & will not do anything to fix it. First business I got mad enough over to report to the BBB.
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  4. I'm not buying the overnight risk theory. I had an account with IB years ago, The overnight was the same as the exchange rate. I think they do this to generate commissions.
  5. Robert Morse

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    And, we offer exchange SPAN margin for IRA accounts when you use a self-directed IRA company like Midland IRA. That is the way my account is set up and I have allocated toward naked options sellers.
  6. Robert Morse

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    That would generate less commissions, as you can't trade as much. This is typical with a full service retail broker.
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  7. MattZ

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    Could it be a regulatory move? Just like you cant have a Broker-Dealer along an FDM, maybe there is a certain risk you cant take with your Futures side. Just a thought.
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    Thinking of getting off the sim? Good for you bud. The entire ET community has your back! :)
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  9. MattZ

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    No, more commissions, the guy was right. You can have low day trading margins, but if you wish to hold overnight and you do not have enough margin, you would have to liquidate and then reestablish on the new session.
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    OMM and MattZ are both correct, even though they have opposing views on why they are correct. :)
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