Interactive Brokers Forex Futures Trading?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by evilbeen, Aug 30, 2019.

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    I am looking for a tutorial/guide on forex trading on Interactive Brokers, in particular I want to speculate on a collapse of the HKD:USD peg over the next year.

    I see the forex commissions at, but I can't find any information on the rollover rate. How can I find how much would it costs to hold an overnight (leveraged) forex position, such as HKD:USD, on Interactive Brokers?

    I see that CME (GLOBEX) is the only currency futures exchange offered on IB, but the exchange offers no product based on the HKD. Does this mean there is no way to trade HKD futures on IB? Does IB offer currency options? What would be the best product for building exposure towards currency movements over a one year time-frame?

    Would greatly appreciate any pointers~
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    Interactive brokers have leveraged cash FX trading for everyone outside US and the 0.1% in the US with $10m in their account. All US residents can do FX unleveraged.

    Type in USD then choose Idealpro, Forex then HKD.
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    For forex trading, interactive brokers is not the broker you need, unless you open an 10M account there.
    Open an account at IG or an offshore broker if you want high leverage.
  5. No big deal if Americans can't trade leveraged cash fx due to strict regulations. Americans can trade forex futures.
  6. The page you refer to shows the commissions for spot forex trades. Not the commissions for futures trades. There is no charge for holding cash in any currency overnight in your IB account, other than credit or debit interest.
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    are u kidding? every brokers have rollover rate which is different short interest rate