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    Would like to discuss development of software processing TWS quotes real time in Excel. Starting with a pre production version (v2,03) of my Excel-Ticker, see screenshot below.

    Following soon:
    video: Ticker_2,
    manual: ManualExcelTWSv2,03.pdf
    spreadsheet: Excel-TWSv2,03withBarData.xls

    Regards, Martin
  2. feb2006


    The video of the spreadsheet working.

    Download and open in MediaPlayer. You needn't to unzip it, if you like simply delete the '.zip' ending.
  3. feb2006


    The manual for Excel-Ticker spreadsheet.
  4. feb2006


    The Excel-Ticker spreadsheet.
  5. feb2006


    Version 2,04 the Stock-Version of my Excel-Ticker-Spreadsheet.
  6. feb2006


    To change the number of rows saved you have to open VisualBasic Editor with 'alt+F11'. Then goto Module 'ModuleTWSapi' to Sub 'ListeSchieben' and change the copy range 'Range("A11:C1009")'.

  7. Wetton


    Very interesting Martin and thanks for posting. I am totally new to any type of programming using Excel (or anything else for that matter) for trading.

    I'll be following with great interest.
  8. Hi,

    Thanks for building this spreadsheet -- I'd like to try using it. I tried it and got the error described in the enclosed jpg. Thanks for taking a look!
  9. feb2006


    Hi Jonny, sure would I, but probably you didn't succeed uploading your jpg. Even had a look into my PMs but couldn't find any message with jpg attached.
    So please try uploading your jpg again.
    Regards, Martin

    Did you try to connect and disconnect several times? That's often the best way do solve problems.
    To solve other problems from distance isn't easy - in principle you have to open Visual Basic Editor and set stop points or the line 'MsgBox "Test"' till the programming line creating this error is isolated.
    And to know where to place these stop points a description is necessary after clicking what buttons the error occurred.

    Does anybody else experience similar problems? I would appreciate reports of successful usage too.
  10. JDConner


    How do you change the default dates from 12/06 to 11/06, it keeps resetting back to the default date.

    #10     Sep 27, 2006