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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by JSOP, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. JSOP


    Is Interactive Brokers down for anybody? I can't log in since 5:00+ PM today. TWS is not even prompting me for security card values after I entered my username and password.
  2. Weekends for brokers and banks' websites are usually down for maintenance periods;
    I'm 99.7% sure they will be functioning come business morning Monday.

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  3. DaveV


    My IB Gateway, which I started yesterday morning, is running fine. I can see realtime Futures quote.
  4. I traded Bitcoin with IB now and it is working fine.
  5. maxinger


    quite common to be down on Monday morning.
    perhaps cold engine problem
  6. IBKR does maintenance during weekends. If you're logged in to Asian server, I'm sure no problem now since it is Asian trading hours now.
  7. JSOP


    Thanks. Now I've got a new problem. I got an Exposure Fee notice on High Margin account. They are going to implement the fee starting Dec. 26. Is anybody affected by this crap? It's not a big amount but it's just so annoying that IB constantly nickles & dimes all the time but at the same does NOTHING beneficial for both IB or the trader. You can NEVER just concentrate on making money with them. They ALWAYS have to take something away from you.
  8. truetype


    Do you think they assessed it in error? Is your portfolio low-risk, but misunderstood by IB?
  9. The topic of IB charging exposure fee is also discussed in this thread:
  10. Gambit


    There are other options...
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