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  1. I just opened an account with them. I guess I have the basic data bundle or at least I assumed so. When I request quotes for like F it gives me live data. However, if I request quotes like CX or TRST it only provides me with delayed data. Why is this? Can i still trade those symbols and use a different charting service, or do I need to subscribe to this additional data that I thought was already covered in the bundle?

    Any help will be appreciated.
  2. yes, you need to subscribe to it. As long as you are just sitting watching it, they will charge you the monthly fee. Once you start trading it your commissions start covering the monthly fee.

    for instance, I trade a lot of forex, but I don't trade DX, I have it up on my screen at the free 15 min delayed quote, but it isn't worth it to me to pay for the live quote since I never trade it

    I paid $10 a month just sitting and watching for 3 months, and that was the best $30 I ever spent
  3. For quotes for which you are only getting delayed data, you can still trade them if you wish, for example if you have access to live quotes elsewhere.

    I have done so a lot.

    Just ignore / override any warnings and put in a limit order or whatever.

    Actually, once you have a position in one of these, you can see more up to date quotes indirectly in the account window that shows the value of your positions. It will likely be slightly delayed but not as much as regular delayed quotes.
  4. man, you guys live dangerously, but then again, this country was built by people who only got their quotes once a day from the Wall Street Journal.
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    there are some people who "trade" from sample apple computers in apple store.
  6. Agree, Trading is a business. Business's have expenses. Data is a primary tool.
    Serious traders treat it accordingly and obtain the proper tools,"Hobbyists" nickel and dime themselves into eventual failure.

    That being said, technically you do not need to subscribe to IB data to trade. But one would be foolish not to.

    OP's question is quickly answered via their website.
    "Which is the appropriate place to determine this information"

    LOL zdreq, You know "Trade" is a subjective term. There is more to trading than opening a $5K acct, loading a chart, Dom and pressing the "Buy/Sell" button upon crossover.
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  8. Ah I get it. Just have to got to the market data subscription manager. I guess trading without real time is fine for swing trading (I have prop for day trades). But for 10 bucks a month and a possible waiver you might as well get it...

    Thanks for the help guys.