interactive brokers customers. please help me vote in option to workstation time&sal.

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by johnpalley, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. guys im trying to get something added to the time and sales on the workstation that would help all of us trade better. Right now the Time and Sales window updates alot. Anytime ANYTHING changes, even just the bid or ask, and even if the data changing isn't even displayed in the window.

    All I want to see is a trade occurring, just like in power etrade pro and giving me the time, price and quantity. I can't get only that now and the constant stream of numbers scrolling down the window is confusing since it is impossible for a trader to see why a new line was added for even a medium volume product.

    i.b needs to give us the choice to only update either, the columns we are viewing, or only on a trade. Thanks.

    here is a link to the voting page to vote for this option.
    you just have to create a voting name and password which is simple and quick to do. on the link if you click on "trader workstation (tws)", the 10th post down which is post #4846. all you have to do is click vote then a page will pop up at the top then you click submit. thats it. i would appreciate this favor so much everyone and at the same time it would help all of us trade better. thanks everyone
  2. You got it.

  3. hell yeah! thanks for your time for real!