Interactive Brokers commissions for changed orders, and for each day for the order (London)

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by adamovicm, Jun 29, 2021.

  1. Hi I did put a BUY order on a London Stocks Exchange for NLB.GDR.

    My order was buy 2700 shares price 12.90

    however, this morning only 9 shares were executed, that is around 116eur, while the minimum commission is 4eur.

    So now I'm thinking what will happen:
    1) if I change order to 13.00 to buy 130 more shares that are available, will this be billed as two 4 eur commissions?
    2) what if my order stays open for several days, would every day of trading 4 eur commission will be billed?

    OR simply
    For London stock exchange, if I change order amount, would IB charge me two minimal commissions?

    What if my order stays open for several days, will IB charge me commission per each trading day?
  2. 1) Yes
    2) No
  3. ZBZB


    The order will cancel at the end.of the day if you do not change if from gtd to gtc. Good for the day good till cancelled.