Interactive Brokers: closed one leg and added new option - how to recognize it as strangle again?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Tomaz26, May 1, 2018.

  1. Tomaz26



    is it possible to make interactive broker recognize new position as strangle, after you close one leg and re-buy different strike option? For example I had 55/75 strangle which is neatly displayed as strangle where you can click on + sign and it shows you legs, but otherwise shows you this as one position. Then I sold bought put back and sold higher strike put, but now I just have two options shown, not as strangle anymore. Is it possible to combine those two back? :)

    thanks for help

  2. tommcginnis


    "Oh for the days of (the now-deprecated) 949.3d!!!"

    At any rate, there's no way to do what you wish done.
    (That was in fact done[!!!], in 949.3d....)

    These days, the closest you can come is to write the combo line, use the NOTES column, and annotate your way to Happyville. This will keep your QuoteMonitor page totals cool, and if you organize your Portfolio page by expiry (right-click Financial Instrument/Group By....),
    you'll have expiry-summed subtotals anyway. (A way-undersold feature...)
  3. Tomaz26


    Thanks you very much for help! So this feature was in early versions and they removed it. Hmm, wonder why.. Keeping fingers crossed it comes back :)

    thanks again!
  4. yeah would love to see this as it's annoying as heck to have 30 options to scroll through