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  1. I've just openned a new account with IB Canada. I could not print out the Canadian Customer Aggreement form directly from the Canadian IB webpage (I found some errors in the html codes on that webpage).
    I email a request for the form in .pdf or .doc or .txt, and the reply I got was :
    "Dear Trader,
    Unfortunately you will need to print this off yourself. Please make sure that your system meets our mandatory configurations.
    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.
    IB Customer Service "

    How can they not have their forms in .pdf or .doc ???? and am I the only canadian applying since they first came up to Canada, or that nobody (canadian) noticed the problem before ??? :confused:

    I even came to the Montreal office and talked with Mark Bennett (VP of IB Canada), and apparently : "we have about 20 new canadian accounts a month" ... doh!?!

    I don't want to bitch (too late ?? :D ), I'm just a bit disappointed. I know that the commish is very cheap, and you get what you paid for, take it or leave it, I understand and accept.

    If any Candadian IB people reading this, I will have my forms properly printed and signed and sent to you in a few days. :)

    ps: any Canadian on this board openned an account with IB Canada ???

    details of my problem : go to
    In 'Print Preview' of my IE 5.5 browser, I got 15 pages, and pages 11 to 15 are empty

    Cheers !! :cool:
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    Looks fine on my computer.
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    send me a PM with your e-mail address and I'll mail you a copy in txt format. However, you should be able to read the document. If you can't read that, you may have problems with the rest of the application.

    No excuse for the help desk response. My guess is that they read your e-mail quickly. All applications must be done on line.
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    It happed to my friend as well, he asked me to have a look, which turned out to be true. Don't know the reason. Saved and opened with Frontpage, and found the 2nd half portion of the file didn't adjust the width with the screen. The 1st half portion adjusted the width automatically to be kept within the printing margin, thus increase the number of lines, but the 2nd portion was aware of that, two portions overlapped with each other, therefore you missed the upper part of the 2nd portion which was overlapped, and 2nd portion would be printed out of the margin. The file consisted of 2 big tables, I suspected 2 tables have been formatted differently.
  5. pjtomtai : indeed, I open/edit the webpage with Word and found some misplaced 'frame' :)

    Def : thanks for the offer, but I managed to save the webpage as .txt and imported it into Word. I could print it out now. :p

    Cheers !!! :cool:
  6. just printed it out via IE ver 6...

    I know IB offers 0.01 per share upto and including 500 shares and 0.005 per share thereafter...but are there any ecn charges, ticket charges other words any other hidden charges not mentioned...:confused:

    there is the data charge which is waived if number of trades per month meet certain criteria...


    maybe a link to their website indicating the above request...

    Thanks again.
  7. 1) flat fee, no ECN or other hidden cost, as wrote on their web page
    2) you can subscribe at the data for 10$/month, waived if you have 30$/month of commission
  8. Thanks!!! Music to my ears :D
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